Fife return for Holby City actor who trained at Kirkcaldy Tech

Clybourne Park, a razor-sharp satire on the politics of race – winner of the Pulitzer Prize and Olivier Award for Best Play – takes to the stage at the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy, this month.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 12:15 pm
Clybourne Park - theatre show coming to the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy
Clybourne Park - theatre show coming to the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy

And for one of the cast, it will be a return to the town where she trained as a young actress.

Jackie Morrison, well known for her TV work, including Black Earth Rising, Doctors and Holby City, studied acting and stage management back in the day at what was then Kirkcaldy Technical College’s drama department.

And she’s also been in the spotlight at the Adam Smith before – performing at one time with her dad, the well-known Scottish singer Peter Morrison.

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Jackie Morrison, actor

Bruce Norris’s Clybourne Park, part of OnFife’s autumn programme of drama, has been described as both shockingly entertaining and appallingly funny.

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It begins in 1959 USA and President Eisenhower is in the White House. Bev and Russ are moving after the tragic death of their son, and they have inadvertently sold their house to the neighbourhood’s first black family.

Fifty years later, in 2009, with the first black president having just taken office, a young white couple buy the same house in what is now a predominantly black neighbourhood.

In both instances, racial tensions escalate, the stakes are raised, and the play asks the question: have our attitudes to race really changed?

Director Michael Emans said: “It is challenging in that it dares to ask the audience whether their attitudes to race, gender, disability and class have really changed. We might feel that we live in a more enlightened age, but do we really?

“The play also satirises those who claim to be politically correct and give themselves status through their supposed insight... but are they really insightful, or when you scratch the surface do old attitudes exist?

The production is being presented by Rapture Theatre, hard on the heels of its success with the play The Red Card, which also tackled the issue of racism.

Rapture is working in partnership with Show Racism the Red Card, and alongside the production, there will be a series of post-show discussion panels, offering a chance to engage with community groups and the audience.

The show is at the Adam Smith on September 27..