Fringe: Late night shows don’t come better than The Divets: The Greatest Divas

The Ladyboys of Bangkok have real lip-synching competition this year – and it comes from three fantastic performers from Helsinki in this slick, sharp, riotous late night show.
Divet Show: The Greatest DivasDivet Show: The Greatest Divas
Divet Show: The Greatest Divas

Divet Show: The Greatest Divas **** (Assembly George Square, Studio 2), 11:10pm, until August 25.

In just one hour, they cram in 30 divas, send costumes flying into the wings for lightning quick changes, and never let the tempo drop for one second.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve heard a room buzz with such anticipation even before they hit the stage – and the audience loved every second.

It was a bit like stepping into a party in full flight, only one where the old folk stayed on to join the party and end up leading the sing-a-longs.

Resistance is futile when it comes this trio and their drag act party.

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They deliver exactly what a late night Fringe audience wants, and thoroughly deserved their standing ovation from their first full house.

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They celebrated every diva imaginable – Bassey, Adele, Miley, Beyonce, Whitney, Lady Gaga and Celine to list but a few, and everyone one of the was a huge hit, none more so than a wicked Tina Turner glammed up to the nines and hitting the stage with a zimmer frame.

And just when you thought they’d ended, they returned to their stage with a barnstorming finish as Freddie Mercury, Bruno Mars and Elton John.

Go join the party. You’ll never have such fun again in a university lecture theatre.