Review: Rocky Horror Picture Show ****
Edinburgh Playhouse

Rocky Horror Picture Show ****

By Allan Crow
Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 10:43 pm
The Rocky Horror Picture Show

 (Pic: Richard Davenport)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Pic: Richard Davenport)

Edinburgh Playhouse

Not sure whether to review the show or the audience - but both were in cracking form as this classic cult musical opened at the Playhouse for the last leg of a hugely successful UK tour.

It was an absolute blast from start to finish in a theatre packed with fans who dressed for the occasion – first time visitors be warned, some sights can never be erased!

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The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Pic: Richard Davenport)

This latest revival of Richard O’Brien’s classic musical is simply brilliant entertainment. Resistance is completely futile – just accept you WILL be on your feet, taking a step to the right long before the finale.

And if you return from the half-time interval dressed like Frank N Furter then no-one will bat an eyelid ... in fact you will be made very welcome.

This show simply sweeps along on a wave of enthusiasm off stage, and some fabulous performances on it.

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From the opening Science Fiction/Double Feature, the theatre buzzed with anticipation as the much loved characters appeared.

Everyone knows the story off by heart. Naive Brad and Janet – superbly played by James Darch and Karen Clifton – stumble into another world of geeks, transexuals, Nazis and aliens, when their car breaks down outside the castle of a mad scientist.

The first half absolutely sizzled as we met the towering figure of Frank N Furter, we did the Time Warp, and bantered with the narrator who gets all the best lines.

Philip Franks has the task of balancing the audience banter with keeping this show on track, and he nails it from the very start with some gloriously sharp one-liners dripping with sardonic wit.

The characters are all stars in their own right, none more so than Riff Raff, played by Rocky Horror legend, Kristian Lavercombe, and, of course Frank N Furter, superbly played by Duncan James. He was sassy, saucy, and made the absolute most of his entrance song, Sweet Transvestite, to the huge approval of the audience.

It may have its roots in the B-movies of the 1950s, a soundtrack that owes much to glam rock of the 1970sk, and be filled with bonkers moments, but Rocky Horror is no adult panto.

It’s a show with a momentum of its own – a show everyone should see at least once.

So, go channel your inner Frank N Furter, raid the wardrobe and make your entrance in style before this tour takes its bow.

Rocky Horror Picture Show, Edinbugh Playhouse, until Saturday