Jings! Bucket load of cash for Kirkcaldy’s Oor Wullie

Kirkcaldy artist Susan McGill with her Oor Wullie sculpture (Pic by Fife Photo Agency)
Kirkcaldy artist Susan McGill with her Oor Wullie sculpture (Pic by Fife Photo Agency)

An auction of sculpture based on the cartoon character Oor Wullie, which included an entrant from a Kirkcaldy artist, raised hundreds of thousand of pounds for charity.

Over 70 of the sculptures were included in the ‘Oor Wullie Bucket Trail’ and were placed at various locations over the summer before being gathered together at Dundee’s Slessor Gardens at the weekend.

An estimated 20,000 Oor Wullie fans attended the event to get one last look at the sculptures, which were based on an array of subjects from David Bowie to Tunnock’s Tea Cakes, before being put up for auction at Dundee Rep Theatre on Tuesday night.

As expected “Oor Original”, a design based on the classic Oor Wullie character, proved to be the most popular sculpture of all, selling for £50,000 to businessman Garreth Wood.

But the third equal highest seller of the night was Kirkcaldy artist Susan McGill’s ‘Oor Rabbie’ The Bard and The Bucket’ which raised an amazing £22,000 - the same amount as a Harry Potter-inspired Wullie.

Susan, who attended the auction with her sister Anna, said: “I am absolutely gobsmacked! I had hoped maybe to get £6-7000, but it just kept going up.

“It ended up being an online bidding war which was won by Briggs Marine who give money every year for local charities.

“I was apprehensive because it’s one of the best and worst things to see your own work at auction, but it was absolutely wonderful they all managed to raise so much money for the hospital.

“The event was stunning – you could really feel the energy, watching it all happening.

“If we can manage to fit him through the door we are hoping to have him back for our pop-up shop in Kirkcaldy from November 9-13, so people will have the chance to see him.”

In total, £883,000 was raised by charity Archie Foundation and the money will go towards a twin operating suite at Tayside Children’s Hospital.