Plans revealed for steam train project

The group's last project was the restoration of a Norwegian break van.
The group's last project was the restoration of a Norwegian break van.

The Fife Heritage Railway group has revealed its latest project, as it prepares to source funding.

The group estimates that it might need as much as £80,000 to restore the ‘Dubbie Pug’, a steam locomotive.

The locomotive has been in the care of the group for a number of years, having previously been owned by the National Coal Board.

The ‘Dubbie Pug’ used to be operated at Francis Colliery in Dysart.

Jim Rankin, public liason officer for Fife Heritage Railway, said there were two main reasons why the group had chosen the locomotive as its next project.

“It has good Fife heritage and has a bit of history behind it,” he said. “It’s also big enough to do what we want but small enough not to eat up lots of coal.”

The group’s other steam locomotive, the ‘Forth’, is due for restoration in 2019, which could put it out of action for six months.

It is hoped the ‘Dubbie Pug’ would be restored by then, meaning it can take over from the ‘Forth’ in pulling the group’s carriages on its open days, which generate much-needed funding.

Jim said the group are already exploring various sources of funding to restore the ‘Dubbie Pug’, including setting up a fundraising page.

He added: “We are waiting on an inspector coming who can give us an estimate on the work that will be needed on the boiler.

“We anticipate that the whole project will be around £80,000.”

As well as working on the new project, and setting up a new website, Fife Heritage Railway is also preparing to host its latest Santa Special, on December 10, for which tickets are already sold out.