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The Doomsday Key

by James Rollins

Recommended by

Gordon Holmes

IF you are familiar with Rollins’ Sigma Force series of novels then you pretty much know what to expect when you pick up one of his books.

If not, it probably makes sense to start with the first one ‘Sandstorm’ and progress from there - however, I rather just stumbled across his work, so this was the second Sigma book I read, even though it’s the sixth in the series.

And a cracking, rollercoaster of a read it is, combining ancient prophecies, modern science and mysterious organisations, with a breathless action that doesn’t let you out it’s grip.

Of course it’s fanciful and far-fetched but that’s the appeal - a slice of escapism involving a shadowy world which may or may not actually exist.

Starting with three seemingly ritualistic murders in the Vatican, Princeton University and Africa, the story takes us from the Lake District to the snowy wilds of Norway and a final showdown where Commander Gray Pierce must confront some of his past demons and with his Sigma Force team, protect the long-lost powers of the Doomsday Key from falling into the wrong hands before it is too late.