Bringing burlesque back to Kirkcaldy

Kirkcaldy-based Burlesque star Brandy Monmartre (Pics by Amy Marquez)
Kirkcaldy-based Burlesque star Brandy Monmartre (Pics by Amy Marquez)

A Kirkcaldy award-winning performer is seeing one of her dreams come true by bringing burlesque back to town.

Brandy Montmartre will present the Twilight Tease Burlesque Revue this Saturday at the Adam Smith Theatre - the first time Kirkcaldy will have witnessed such a spectacle in 20 years.

Brandy, real name Hannah Rose, has made a name for herself on the UK burlesque scene, despite having taken it up just over two years ago, and over the last 12 months has been concentrating on spreading her success even further.

The 31-year-old said: “Last year I was focusing on becoming an international performer really.

“I went to Athens in January last year and I co-produced two shows and it was a great experience.

“In the UK I entered a few competitions and won a few prizes including one at the Teatime Tassle Off which is held in Leeds. It’s one of the bigger competitions within burlesque so that was really cool to be part of.

“I’ve been to Ireland quite a lot, Dublin twice, so there’s been quite a lot of travelling, so it’s been a really good year for me.”

Brandy said it was always an ambition of hers to bring burlesque to the Lang Toun, adding that it’s been too long.

“It’s been about 20 years since they last had a burlesque show in the Adam Smith - and they still remember it!

“The tech guy we met when we went to have a look around was very excited at the prospect of ours. He was saying that he remembered the last one and it was brilliant, so they’re happy for it to be coming back.

“This show has been a year in the making. It’s been a challenge and an experience putting it together but I’ve really enjoyed the process.

“I think it will go down really well in Kirkcaldy because shows like The Ladyboys of Bangkok are really popular.

“It’s going to be a nice injection of glamour for people in the dark month of January.”

Brandy will be joined on the bill for the two and a half hour long show by other burlesque stars and promises a night to remember.

“It’s a mix of things. There will be the glamorous showgirls, with the rhinestones and crystals in the vein of Dita Von Teese.

“There are circus performers as well. For example we have a musical saw player and we have a male performer. He is something a bit different in his approach to burlesque! A nice contrast to all the glitz.

“It’s going to be a really good night, an exciting event and a celebration of all things burlesque.”

As for 2018, Brandy says she’s going to focus her energies in a different direction.

“It’s going to be a year of producing for me in 2018,” she said.

“I’ve started a production company called Burlesque Scotland so at the moment I’m working with clients to organise private and corporate events. I’m looking to get into that market as well as keeping the other gigs going and staying part of the burlesque scene.

“So I’ll be working hard to establish myself as a producer to look out for. I’ll be concentrating on that mostly this year.

“As well as that I’m still a PhD student at Dundee University and I’m due to finish in April so that’s all coming to a head - it’s going to take some juggling!”

To book tickets for the show go to and you can also read more on Brandy at her website