Coaltown Daisies launch PledgeMusic bid for new album

A pledge holds key to a host of fantastic goodies from the Coaltown Daisies.

Friday, 2nd March 2018, 10:53 am
Updated Friday, 2nd March 2018, 12:02 pm
Want to hear the new album? Get pledging.
Want to hear the new album? Get pledging.

We’re brand new to it, says Vivienne.

“It’s been around for a while but it’s a platform that’s specific to music projects,” adds Lynzy.

The Coaltown Daisies are more than just enthusiastic about their next album, Listen.

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The Coaltown Daisies

The Fife folk duo are excited about the actual way in which they’re about to start recording the album, using an online crowdfunding platform called PledgeMusic.

By making donations online, users can buy not only copies of the album, but unique experiences like access to secret live performances or signed merchandise.

The pair are taking the crowdfunding route to involve their supporters in the making of the album. They highlight the Access Pass included with each of the PledgeMusic rewards as being the most important area of the campaign.

There’s something for everyone who pledges, with a whole load of rewards, ranging from a digital album download for £10, to a bundle involving your very own house concert for £400, or even an instrument kit for £500.

The Coaltown Daisies

“It took me a while to get on board with it,” says Vivienne, “because I thought ‘wow, this is huge’ it’s so different to how we made our last two albums.”

“It seemed like the right time to try,” says Lynzy, “as we’ve got a lot of supporters and people who help us out, they come to our gigs, they like our tunes and they want to hear the next thing, so it seemed like a natural time to give it a shot.”

The rules of PledgeMusic mean that they must reach 100% of their target in 60 days they won’t receive any funds and have to put the entire album on hold.

But it’s not the only bold move by the Daisies, as they look to highlight a crucial issue most of us will face at some point in our lives.

“The songs themselves are around the subject of mental health,” Lynzy says.

“Whether it’s our own experiences, people that we know, or looking at society as a whole and how mental health might be viewed.

“Obviously we’re songwriters and we write about personal things ourselves, and some things that we’ve been through in the last seven years have been quite stressful, so being able to put that in our songs is like a self-therapy thing, but hopefully it might touch someone else with out music who might be having a hard time and maybe encourage them to say something about it.”

So why choose the theme of mental health?

Vivienne says: “It kind of chose us, really.

“When we suddenly realised that we had a group of songs that all stem from the same kind of subject and it just naturally grew from there.”

Looking ahead, the Coaltown Daisies have a few live performances in the pipeline, but for now if you want to hear the new album, get your pledge in now.

The PledgeMusic campaign to fund the new album, Listen, kicks off today (Friday March 2), and can be found at