Complete Stone Roses heading back to Kirkcaldy

The Complete Stone Roses
The Complete Stone Roses

Celebrating their 20th year as one of the UK’s most popular tribute acts The Complete Stone Roses are coming back to Kirkcaldy – one of their favourite places to play.

Guitarist Andy Connor has been in the band for the last 13 years of its two decades and says for him it’s a labour of love.

“I got right into the Stone Roses when they first came out in 1989.

“I got a tape off a mate at school took it home and fired it on. It was the Stone Roses first album and when I heard it, that was it!

“I got into it straight away. I can remember playing ‘Waterfall’, rewinding it, and playing it again and again.

“I’d already started playing the guitar a bit at that point but because it’s such good guitar-based music, as soon as I heard the Stone Roses I gravitated towards them and started learning the songs and got right into it.”

Andy said that it was natural for him to join a tribute to the band that had most inspired him.

“I was playing in bands in Glasgow, nothing major, then I’d actually put an advert in the NME trying to start a band.

“I’d put the Stone Roses as an influence and the Completes were looking for a guitar player at the time so they got in touch, I auditioned and that was that - I’ve been hanging about ever since!

“It’s a brilliant job to have. We get to travel about and play the Roses’ music which we all love.

“We try and shake it up a bit. It’s always interesting to get a new song in the set. Of course, people want to hear ‘I Wanna Be Adored’, ‘Made Of Stone’ and ‘I Am The Resurrection’. “We’ve got to keep the big numbers in there, but there’s three or four that we can take out, swap with others, then put back in.

“When the Roses brought out new songs recently we had them in for a while. It was excellent to have brand new tunes to put in.”

The band are set to play the Windsor Hotel on January 27, with local band The Sunset Strip as support, and Andy says it’s a date he’s relishing.

“I always love coming to Kirkcaldy, the crowds are always really up for it. This is the second time we’ve played the Windsor. It’s got a great high stage which is always good for a gig.

“We played there a few years ago and it was a brilliant night, so I’m looking forward to another one.”

Tickets are £12.50 available from or from The Windsor.