Del Amitri: Back on the road to right some wrongs this summer

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Del Amitri are hoping that it isn’t a case of history repeating itself when they take to the stage at Edinburgh Castle this summer.

The Glasgow band played the iconic venue in 1993 but their set was plagued with issues.

This time around, frontman Justin Currie is quietly confident that things will go to plan.

“It was 25 years ago and we played to the biggest audience we have had as a headline act,” he said. “We had played festivals and stuff before, but this was just us.

“We were plagued with technical difficulties; my bass didn’t work for the first two minutes of the show – that got things off to a great start!

“I think this is our chance to make up for it and put on a great show.”

But for those expecting to see Justin rock his kilt again, they are in for a disappointment.

“I won’t be wearing my kilt,” he laughed. “The thing is, moths love kilts because of what they are made of so it is safe to say that mine is compltely ruined. It’s very moth eaten and full of holes.

“And no, I won’t be buying one to replace it!

“I don’t fit into my tartan flares anymore either,” Justin continued.

“So I think I will be wearing something much more modern and sedate on this tour.”

Fashion choices aside, the original band members – Justin Currie (vocals, guitar), Iain Harvie (lead guitar), Andy Alston (keys), Kris Dollimore (guitar) and Ashley Soan (drums) – will hit the road first run of dates since 2014.

As well as the Edinburgh Castle gig, the five piece will also pay a visit to Glasgow, wrapping up the tour with two dates at the Barrowlands.

“In 1990, after eight years of slogging to build a Glasgow following, Del Amitri played Barralands for the first time,” Justin continued.

“It was as if everybody had turned up all at once. We’d never heard noise like it, never seen every hand raised and clapping on the snare beat, never been so overwhelmed by a crowd.

“It was the confirmation of our arrival in our own hometown. We did Barralands on every UK tour from then on.

“We did multiple nights, had Santa descend from the roof, covered Thin Lizzy and finally the Sex Pistols in the dark as we bowed out in 2002.

“We missed it madly on the reunion tour of 2014. We’re overjoyed to be able to announce our return to the greatest rock venue in the world.”

With six albums under their belt, giving us cracking songs such us ‘Nothing Ever Happens’, ‘Kiss This Thing Goodbye’ and the massive ‘Always The Last To Know’, Justin and co have a plethora of material to play, but don’t expect any solo stuff.

“It will be purely Del Amtri songs that we play on this tour,” Justin explained. “I think that’s what the fans want to hear. You will have those that have been with us since the beginning who will know all our songs inside out.

“And on the other hand, you will have those that have bought one album or heard our songs on the radio and decided to head along and see us live and to find out a bit more about us and perhaps here more of our music.

“That’s great, everybody is welcome! There will be songs for everybody. There won’t be any of my solo stuff,” Justin continued. “It would be different if it was as successful as the band’s music, but for now, you will hear all the songs of Del Amitri.”

We’re almost at the end of the interview when I have to ask Justin about those I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here rumours...

“The thing is, I think it was one of those taster emails that are sent out by the producers to see who will bite,” he said. “The word somehow got out that i was going to be taking part, but seriously, no way!”

“I’m not a celebrity and you won’t get me in there!”

With no chance of seeing Justin sky diving into the Australian jungle, you’ll just have to make sure you catch him and the rest of the band on tour.

L Catch Del Amitri on the road at Edinburgh Castle on Saturday, July 21, and Glasgow Barrowlands on Saturday, July 28 and Sunday, July 29. Visit