Elementary for Mr Watson as he joins the actors’ studio in Fife

Jonathan Watson (Pic: Graham Hunter)
Jonathan Watson (Pic: Graham Hunter)

He’s the man of many faces and a stalwart of Scottish television comedy over the last four decades, but this weekend it’s time for the real Jonathan Watson to stand up.

If you don’t know the name you will probably know his most recent character success as Colin Whyte, in the hit series Two Doors Down.

Or what about as the writer, director and lead of the Scottish Hogmanay tradition over the last 25 years that is Only An Excuse, which has made Jonathan a mainstay on our TV screens.

This weekend he makes the journey east from his Glasgow home to Fife as the latest actor to appear in Ross Owen’s Actors’ Studio events, which will also bring Greg Hemphill and Sanjeev Singh Kohli.

Jonathan will talk about his acting career and face a Q&A session with the audience, a format that has already proved popular.

Asked if the evening will be a departure from his usual stage roles and TV acting, he said not.

“No not really, acting and appearing on stage in whatever guise is a discipline and something I trained to do, so this is no different. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to it.”

Jonathan gained the discipline he talks about at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, having graduated back in 1979.

After a short stint in London establishing himself as a jobbing actor, his break into comedy came in 1986 through his inclusion in the groundbreaking comedy sketch show Naked Video.

Along with Jonathan the series was responsible for bringing to the fore others including the likes of Elaine C Smith, Gregor Fisher and Tony Roper, fellow actors who Jonathan has worked with on and off with ever since.

“It was a project I was very lucky to have been involved in and look back fondly on, mainly because the writing was just superb and the quality of the actors such as Elaine, Tony, Gregor and Andy Gray is there for all to see.”

He’s back alongside Elaine C Smith in the hit show Two Doors Down, now on its third series, the success of which Jonathan is not surprised by.

“Great writing, great cast and a little something in every character that the audience can relate to, whether you’re from Hull or Harwick. It’s been great fun to be involved in.”

Asked if he’s managed to get his Stephen Gerrard impersonation nailed down yet, he admits he’s not even tried, and added that he doesn’t even think about Only An Excuse, which has run since 1993, until at least November.

And he hinted that the recent departure into political satire could be short-lived.

“There’s plenty of material to go on, but so many more people than me can do Trump better – we’ll have to wait and see.”

The TV work has done nothing to diminish Jonathan’s love of stage acting as he still aims to do at least one stage production a year.

Recent appearances in the likes of The Last King of Scotland, Whip hand and Quiz Show have kept the flame alive and taken him back to what he calls “basics”.

It’s the Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline this coming Sunday that beckons for Jonathan, Tickets for the Actors’ Studio event are priced £10.