Fife show sells out for rest of Fringe

Bob Brews as Dan.
Bob Brews as Dan.

A musical show written in Fife has sold out a complete run of 14 shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

Kelty Clippie The Musical stars an all Fife cast, written and produced in the Kingdom.

It is appearing at Greenside venue at Nicolson Square, until August 25.

It stars Jacqueline Hannan as Maggie and Bob Brews as the Driver, and is written by John Murray.

Based on the popular classic folksong, Kelty Clippie follows the comic adventures of a bus conductress in Fife.

John said the key to the appeal could be the nostalgic look at life in the Kingdom.

“It’s completely Fife,” he said. “It’s come together and it’s a surprise hit because people do shows for years and struggle to sell, but Kelty Clippie has just gone wild.

“We suspect it’s down to Fifers. People go along to hear the references about the things they know, about going to Cowdenbeath or Lochgelly, or the Esplanade.

“They laugh because the demographic is an older generation because they remember a lot of these things.

“When she goes for an interview for example, she says ‘I’ve come to interview for the conductress’, and the guy says ‘well it wouldn’t be for a driver, now, would it?’.

“Thats how things were in the 70s. It’s not PC, but that’s how it was, and there’s a certain nostalgia to that.

“The reaction has been quite amazing. I stand to thank everyone at the end for coming, and a lot of the reaction is ‘when are you bringing this to Fife?

“We’ve had ovations, and people trying to come back to see it again, and they just can’t get a ticket now.

“The success has just phenomenal.

“We’d love to bring it to Fife, like the Adam Smith, Lochgelly, or the Byre. We’ve pitched it to see if it’s a possibility and we’re waiting to hear back.”