Fife theatre group take AC/DC’s Bon Scott to the Fringe

Linton Osborne in Bon The Musical (Pic: Bruce Davies)
Linton Osborne in Bon The Musical (Pic: Bruce Davies)

The AC/DC t-shirts in the queue underlined the audience for Bon The Musical - the latest Fringe production from Fife based, Kingdom Theatre Company.

It tells the story of Bon Scott, the laddie from Kirriemuir wwho emigrated to Australia and fronted one of the world’s greatest rock bands before the obligatory rock ‘n’ death at a ridiculously young age.

Linton Osborne plays Bon, and the show is based around his conversations with Angus Young, played by Jed Gillies – both men making their Fringe debuts.

It’s conversational and eaves-dropping in tone, and seemed happy enough to stray off script a bit in the first half - by accident or design, it’s hard to say - but the show draws its power and momentum from the music, which is how it should be considering we’re talking about AC/DC here.

The score is a mix of AC/DC songs, whicn is where Osborne comes into his own as the former Nazareth frontman belts ‘em out, plus original compositions from Willie Logan which drive the narrative forward and complement the band’s own classics.

The scenes take the story from recording studio to TV studio and on to the live stage and it culminates with a real blasts of rock music.

The subject matter gives this a potentially ready made audience.

It’ll be interesting to see what the diehard Bon-ites – the true critics – make of it.

Bon The Musical, Greenside, Nicholson Square 8.45 pm until August 25.