Finding laughs in the chaos of Brexit

Brexit, The Pleasance, Fringe 2018
Brexit, The Pleasance, Fringe 2018

Brexit, The Pleasance.

It’s a sure thing that pretty much every stand-up comedian and more than a few late night Fringe events will give their take on Brexit – I doubt if many of them will match the razor sharp wit which runs through this smnashing show.

If you thought Brexit was beyond satirising, think again - this show finds delicious farce in the real life farce of our EU exit and the scheming of the politicians who have no idea what they are doing.

It also has a first-class cast which makes the most of the glorious lines crafted by Robert Khan and Tom Salinksy, the people behind the Fringe hit Coalition a few years back.

Timothy Bentinck plays a new PM with a cunning plan - the plan being he doesn’t have a clue and is hoping that some bluster, lots of waffle and promising everyone the earth will make it all go away. Art imitating life?

He spins his Brexiteer and Remainer Ministers (Pippa Evans/Hal Cruttenden) ) in circles, clings to the coat tails of the European negotiator - Jo Caulfield channelling her inner Angela Merkel - and begs for his American consultant (Mike McShane) to get on board and save his skin.

It’s very in the style of Yes Minister – it sdhares that same slickness –nd it doesn’t miss its target.

Brexit is playing to big crowds already, so book early and enjoy!

Brexit, Pleasance, 1.30 pm until August 26.