Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchison looks ahead to Fife solo gig

Scott Hutchison. Picture: Wes Kingston
Scott Hutchison. Picture: Wes Kingston

When James Yorkston asks, it’s hard to say no.

That would explain why we’re seeing a steady stream of great performers at the Adam Smith Theatre for his Tae Sup Wi’ a Fifer series.

Scott Hutchison.

Scott Hutchison.

This Saturday sees another big name in the form of Frightened Rabbit frontman, Scott Hutchison, playing a solo show, in a far more intimate setting than he’s accustomed to.

Having just finished an 18-month world tour with the group, he’s looking forward to a more personal setup.

“It’ll be great,” he says. “I was asked to do it by James a few months ago, and I really enjoy solo shows.

“It’s nice to be able to play in the smaller venues and be a bit more conversational with the audience.

“A lot of venues we play now are larger. It’s harder to get that personal input both from myself and the audience so it gives you more of a chance to have a chat and interact.

“The nice thing about playing totally acoustic is that a lot of our songs have layered production and more varied instrumentation, but a lot of them were written on an acoustic guitar.

“It’s nice to bring them back to that core of where they started out. It also gives the lyrics more of a chance to come through without the massive noise behind them.”

But while Scott may miss his bandmates, a wee break can be refreshing.

“I love the band, but we’ve been touring together for 18 months almost straight so I’m ready for a break,” he laughs.

“I think people have a skewed perspective about life on a tour bus, it seems glamourous, but in reality you’re sleeping in a bunk the size of a coffin with about 10 or 12 other people in a very confined space, every day.”

Thankfully this weekend’s gig won’t be quite so intimate.

Adam Smith Theatre, Saturday December 2, 8pm.