In full, on stage and from Horse’s heart ...

Horse McDonald (Pic: Walter Neilson)
Horse McDonald (Pic: Walter Neilson)

Horse McDonald’s Fife gig celebrates God’s Home Movie album 25 years on

Horse McDonald is no stranger to playing live in Fife, but her 2019 show promises to be something extra special.

Horse McDonald album cover God's Home Movie

Horse McDonald album cover God's Home Movie

It doesn’t just mark 25 years since the release of her album, God’s Home Movie – it celebrates its return into her hands.

Out of print for 15 years, the album, which helped to define her early career, is the centrepiece of this tour, played in its entirety and in order.

Many of the tracks have been part of Horse’s gigs over the years, but this is the first time fans can enjoy it from start to finish as intended back in ‘93.

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Listening to it all over again, you quickly remember just how good God’s Home Movie was – and is – and how well the songs have stood the test of time.

There’s a genuine joyfulness at its very core; an album that sends your spirits soaring from the moment the opening bars of Celebrate explode from the speakers.

Together with Shake This Mountain it gives the album an instant, upbeat driving tempo, paused only by the title track complete with the lyric “when God was a girl” which, without fail, is met with rousing cheers from her audience.

Years From Now and Hold Me Now sit either side of the glorious Letter To Anne-Marie, all songs which Horse fans know every lyric to.

Getting to hear them along with Natural Law and Imitation, Sorry My Dear and Finer is something else though.

Add in, covers and the classic Horse songs from across her career and you have a gig that stands out as something different, something extra special.

A celebration of a classic album and an outstandng songwriting partnership between Horse and Angela McAlinden.

Great music stands the test of time. Enjoy it all over again on Saturday, February 9, at the Adam Smith Theatre. Ticket info fom the box office or