Jerry Sadowitz returns to Fife with new live show

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He has been astounding audiences with his remarkable close up magic skills for decades ... and he’s seen them walk out in horror at the offensiveness of his comedy.

Jerry Sadowitz takes no prisoners, so brace yourself for a night on the very edge as he takes to the stage of the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, on Sunday, May 19.

If you’ve seen him before you know what to expect.

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No topic is taboo, no person, living or dead is off limits, no outrage too insensitive to be skewered by his uncompromising approach to comedy.

His shows can be filled with card and coin tricks that are so brilliantly executed you are genuinely taken aback at his skills ... or he may go off on rant until he alienates a huge chunk of his audience.

Expect the unexpected, expect some walkouts – last time I saw him at the Adam Smith I lasted about 15 minutes before my friend decided enough was enough . Oh, and good luck if you decide to sit in the front row!

If you haven’t seen him before and try to look him up online ... don’t bother., There is almost nothing to read or watch.

Sadowitz has almost zero digital footprint.

Even his own website, complete with hand drawn cartoons, is almost bereft of content save for some gig details.

Sadowitz is a one-off – a ground-breaking comedian and truly outstanding close-up magician whose approach to live shows will push your boundaries like never before.