Puppet animation festival for young Fife audiences

A Ladder to the Stars (Pic: Michal Wachucik / Abermedia)
A Ladder to the Stars (Pic: Michal Wachucik / Abermedia)

A puppet animation festival is coming to theatres in Fife next week.

It offers a series of shows aimed at the youngest audience members with shows staged in the afternoons.



The festival launches with Let’s Go, on Friday, April 12.

It’s an adventure story for six-year-olds ands up.

It has song, speech, movement, touch, smell, and big, beautiful visuals as it takes its audience on a voyage over the sea to a strange land and an even stranger castle, where an extremely sneaky queen plays a trick.

Let’s Go is made specially for people with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD). It unfolds slowly, using repetition, to allow for the time it may take some audience members to process information.

It’s on at the Adam Smith.

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Across at Lochgelly on the 12th you can catch The Dragon And The Whale, which was one of The List’s best kids shows at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last year.

Aimed at the three to seven age group, it tells the story of a dragon threatened by pirates, so she drops her precious jewelled egg into the deep blue sea to be protected by her friendly whales.

Saturday brings Eaten to Lochgelly which challenges its audience to think about food, mainly thanks to Lionel the Lion who has just eaten a human for lunch!

Pitched at anyone aged five or over, it turns out the cuddly lion didn’t chew his food properly, and his lunch is very much alive inside his tummy!

The Carnegie Hall in Dunfermline hosts Tricky: A Fairy Story on Tuesday 16th.

It tells the story of of Puck, the youngest and cheekiest of the fairies who finds out the Fairy Queen has taken in a human baby.

The show is aimed at the four to nine age group.

The festival wraps with A Ladder to The Stars at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, on Wednesday 17th.

It’s highly visual with minimal spoken word, making it suitable for a deaf audience.

It tells the story of a little girl whose wish is heard by a twinkling star.

It tells the moon who consults the sun, the wind and the rain to come up with a magic plan to make it happen.

The show is ideal for kids aged three and over.

Full details of the festival are online at www.onfife.com