Fife family’s history to be revealed on new TV show

Laura Cripps with genealogist Elizabeth Cunningham.
Laura Cripps with genealogist Elizabeth Cunningham.

A Fife family is to feature on a BBC show that helps people discover how their story fits into the wider history of Scotland.

The Generation Frame, which aired its first episode last week, features families keen to find out more about their roots.

They delve into Scotland’s rich public archive collections and meet genealogists and experts who offer enlightening context to the family stories that have passed through the generations.

The second episode of the four-part series features Laura Cripps, who is living on the southside of Glasgow and running her own online antiques business.

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Laura has a personal interest in history and Scotland’s links to slavery, and is desperate to find out where her ancestors came from and what kind of lives they led.

She has some basic information from her father, Ian, who went to Jamaica to find out more.

At Ian’s home in Markinch, Laura, together with her dad and members of his family, gets some crucial clues about her Caribbean history but Laura has a personal desire to discover more about her identity.

With help from genealogist Elizabeth Cunningham and expert Sir Geoff Palmer, Laura explores the realities of slavery and the effects on her family story.

She discovers that had it not been for the bravery and strength of her ancestors, life today might have been very different for her.

The programme airs on Monday, May 27 on BBC Scotland at 8pm.