Fringe: Randy Writes A Novel

If you haven't encountered Randy before then you're in for a treat.

Wednesday, 24th August 2016, 10:38 am
Updated Wednesday, 24th August 2016, 11:39 am
Randy Writes A Novel, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2016

Randy Writes A Novel

Underbelly Topside, Potterrow (Venue 358)

Rating ****

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Run ends August 29

The purple-headed puppet does stand-up that is sharper than most stand-ups.

The show is meant to be about the new book he has written. In truth, that’s just a tool to kick open the door to an hour of comment on a bonkers range of unrelated issues.

And it is so well written and performed that you actually forget you’re watching a puppet sitting behind a large desk!

With umpteen awards behind him, Randy - and his human voice Heath McIvor - hasn’t been on the Fringe for a few years, but this is a cracking return.

He’s written a first novel, about one man’s journey from the south of England to Skye, and this is its public reading debut … or it would be if he could get the words out.

Instead he diverts into deep analysis of Ernest Hemmingway’s crazy life, the story behind Harper Lee’s unexpected second novel, and then detours into the perils of buying on Gumtree with a brilliant story..

As a stand-up routine it’s slick, sharp, and superbly delivered.

Randy even banters with the crowd he can’t actually see which adds a whole new layer of fun when he hears someone walking across the front of the stage but can’t work out if they are coming in or leaving.