Guitarist Willie Logan unveils his new album

Willie Logan, Fife-based guitarist, singer-songwriter
Willie Logan, Fife-based guitarist, singer-songwriter

I first heard of Willie Logan over 20 years ago when he played Wembley in the final of Guitarist of the Year.

Now based in Fife he formed a function band with vocalist Amanda Lyon and plays the closest covers yet and all helped by the vocal range of these pair.

Willie also tours relentlessly as a solo performer and with a row of pedals and loops sounds like a full band anyway.

or his new album Too Many Hats he collaborated with Steve Thiebault on drums and production and based each song on suggested titles from his social media followers.

The ‘title challenges’ is a formidable task yet the material here would not be out of place in a top artist’s portfolio.

Opening with a very atmospheric 5am Consciousness instrumental we are suitably set up for a range of new delights. Like the concept albums used to do the tracks blend seamlessly together and showing the various Loganesque styles. Glass Stage for one could find its way into the lost Steely Dan album until it takes off to rock the house.

The Storm advises us to dance in the rain so I will get the T Shirts printed up now as this will catch on while Three Songs & A Bottle Of Wine could develop into a Tull like Progressive concert favourite. The album is out now on the download sites and at his shows with a formal launch planned for next month. Willie continues to amaze and as a writer of four stage musicals now his songs can be heard in Bon The Musical and Kelty Clippie The Musical both produced in Fife and playing Edinburgh Fringe nightly till August 25 (except Sunday)