Kirkcaldy all set to party at Bavarian Beer Festival

Members of the Kirkcaldy Ingolstadt Association and councillors with the Ingolstadt flag in Kirkcaldy town square
Members of the Kirkcaldy Ingolstadt Association and councillors with the Ingolstadt flag in Kirkcaldy town square

The marquee is up, the beer has been delivered and the bands are striking up to play as Kirkcaldy braces itself once again for the biennial Bavarian Beer and Music Festival.

Two days of information and activities have already taken place in the marquee as part of the Festival of Township and Twinning, with over 50 local groups and charities showing their wares to the public.

Robert Main hoists the flag at the town square

Robert Main hoists the flag at the town square

And there have also been live theatre performances and music from talented young Fife musicians at the ‘Event in the Tent’ yesterday (Wednesday).

Now it’s the turn of the beer and music fest which kicks off at 4pm today (Thursday) and runs through to Sunday when there is a dedicated family day in the marquee with lots of activities for families to enjoy.

Thousands of visitors are expected to converge on the Town Square to experience some Bavarian hospitality in a marquee that comes as close as possible the Ingolstadt Beer Festival tradition.

The marquee is set up with its Bavarian beer benches and tables and flag decorations. Hampara, a 16-strong Ingolstadt Festival oompah band are ready to entertain the crowds with some rousing Bavarian beer music throughout the duration of the celebrations.

Oompah band Hampara will provide entertainment

Oompah band Hampara will provide entertainment

Kirkcaldy and District Pipe Band, Hampara’s twinning partners, will provide some Scottish flavour to the event.

Liquid refreshments arebeing provided courtesy of Herrnbrau beer and Ingolstadt’s independent award winning brewery is ready to serve thirsty revellers with thousands of pints of beer when the marquee opens at 4pm.

At 7.15pm Jim Leishman, Provost of Fife, will “tap” the commemorative wooden barrel to signify the official opening of the event.

As is customary when the festival takes place, the City of Ingolstadt’s flag was unfurled on Monday in the Town Square and will fly proudly over the town for the duration of the festival.

It signifies the special twinning relationship between Kirkcaldy and Ingolstadt that this year celebrates the 56th year of friendship between the two towns.

Robert Main, chairman of the Kirkcaldy Ingolstadt Association, said: “We hope everyone who comes along enjoys themselves and has fun. Let’s provide a fantastic festival that gives the Fife community the opportunity to sample some of the Bavarian culture.

“Events such as these don’t only engender community spirit, but also help us to promote the twinning link.

“An information desk will be in the marquee for those who want to know more about Ingolstadt and what twinning has to offer through a bond that continues to grow and flourish, with a number of already well-established links across organisations such as FINKY (Friendship Ingolstadt Kirkcaldy), schools, Rotary, Kirkcaldy YMCA and Neebors of Geordie Munro to name but a few, while a new link introducing Walking Football to Ingolstadt is being arranged for May of next year.

“I look forward to a successful festival and thank the community for all its tremendous continuing support over the years.”