The Ladyboys are coming back to Kirkcaldy!

Cher, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Diana Ross and even Wonder Woman are set to make an appearance in Kirkcaldy this month to mark a special milestone for the UK's most popular touring cabaret show.

Friday, 17th August 2018, 5:53 pm
Updated Friday, 17th August 2018, 5:59 pm
The Ladyboys of Bangkok will be performing at the Adam Smith Theatre Kirkcaldy from August 30 to September 1.Pic: George McLuskie Photography.

The Ladyboys are back in town – and they are celebrating 20 diamante decorated years of performances!

To toast the anniversary, the Ladyboys of Bangkok are bringing their ‘Wonder Women’ tour to the Adam Smith Theatre from August 30-September 1.

And they are set to take Britain’s number one cabaret show to a new level by bringing back some of the fans’ favourite performances from the last two decades.

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The Ladyboys of Bangkok are looking forward to returning to Kirkcaldy. Pic: George McLuskie Photography.

The routines have been given a modern makeover with new spectacular costumes added along with new choreography and hilarious comedy.

Having first been created for a one off appearance at the Edinburgh Festival in 1998, the show has grown in size and strength to claim the crown of the UK’s favourite touring cabaret production.

And the glamorous troupe have now become a well-established fixture on the annual calendar in the Lang Toun.

Binky Beaumont, promoter and voice of the show, said he really didn’t think the spectacular show would transform into the success story it has become.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok are celebrating 20 years of their unique cabaret act. Pic: George McLuskie Photography.

He said: “We did not know how it was going to do back then – and we didn’t expect to still be going 20 years later!

“Over three million people have now seen our show and it is the UK’s biggest touring cabaret show.

“The tour lasts over nine months – it starts at the end of February and goes on right through until the end of November.

“We perform in 12 city centres and in 50 theatres, but I have to say Kirkcaldy is one of our favourites.

The Ladyboys of Bangkok are bringing their 'Wonder Women' tour to the Adam Smith Theatre. Pic: George McLuskie Photography.

“We enjoy coming over to do two or three shows here.”

He revealed what local audiences can expect from this year’s glitzy offering: “As we are celebrating a special anniversary, the performance will feature some of the old favourites including some of the tunes we did when the show was first created over 20 years ago.”

“It will feature some of the original routines which have been re-imagined and brought up to date.

“It will feature Cher, Lady Ga Ga, Rihanna, Pink with laughs provided by our favourite comedy characters Trevor and Ole. There will be more audience participation – it will be cheekier, funnier and more glamorous than ever!

“We have £500,000 of sets and costumes for this theatre tour. We have over 450 costumes – there are a lot of quick changes.

“It’s a mix of the very best West End shows, with great pop songs and the funniest comedy performed by 16 of the most beautiful girls in the world – who happen to be boys.

“And we have our grumpy dwarf from Oldham, Trevor Jones.

“ He was one of the Ewoks in Star Wars and has been in many other films. He is also well known for working with Peter Kay, and has appeared in Phoenix Nights.

“Trevor started off with us as the head of security and head bouncer on the arena tour.

“Occasionally he would appear in the show and he became so popular that we made him an honorary member of the act.”

So which songs can audiences expect to hear in the 2018 tour?

Binky said: “Audiences can enjoy an Abba medley, songs from Lady Ga Ga, appearances from Cher, Rhianna and Pink.

“And because we are celebrating the International Year of the Woman there will be an appearance from Wonder Woman herself and the “practically perfect in every way” Mary Poppins. There will be polished dance routines which have been well choreographed, lots of comedy, always cheeky but never rude. It is a great night out.”

Binky said they have a special treat for Scottish fans.

“Because we consider Scotland to be our adopted home after 20 years there will be a special Scottish finale,” he said. “We also have our own Ladyboys tartan which we have especially for our Scottish audiences. “We have a huge Scottish flag because our Scottish fans have adopted us as if we were their friends and family.”

Binky continued: “Our Scottish fans always give us the warmest welcome and as soon as we are north of the border, which is from June to September, we know we are onto the happiest part of the tour.

“The Scottish audiences really enjoy the show and come along to have a great night out. We get a lot of personal messages from our Scottish fans who thank us for cheering them up and for bringing the show to Scotland. When we went north of the border our producers, Philip and Carol Gandey, wanted to pay a special tribute to Scottish audiences which is why we introduced the Scottish finale.

“It is nice to come to Kirkcaldy, we stay just outside Kirkcaldy and we do three nights in the town and we enjoy performing in the theatre there after the run in Edinburgh.”

But what is it about the Ladyboys that keeps people coming back to see them year after year?

Binky said: “It is just one of those shows – the music, the choreography, the comedy, the Ladyboys has it all. It is just a blooming great night out! People can forget about the hum drums of day to day life and just enjoy the pure spectacle of the show.” For tickets visit: