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John Murray
John Murray
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‘New, but in an old school kind of way’ is how Nick Cave describes his new album due for release this week. Remaining true to his style and destiny Push The Sky Away (Bad Seed), breaks no new ground but again who needs surprises? It was he who diverted Kylie’s career to parallel his not the other way around and while she reverted to her pop dance ways old Nick continued his introverted creative path. Finishing Jubilee Street he talks his way through storytelling Warren Zevon style with ladies subtly added sugar, a continuation of Jubilee Street told in a Jimmy Webb type narrative (you may have to check his non-hit back catalogue to agree). Mermaids stands out on its own with his lyrical warmth while the album closes with a haunting title track given an almost spiritual feel with a cathedral organ.

Talk Talk were almost that most definitive of 80’s bands, having formed in 1981 they were pretty much changed and over by 1991. Founder and common factor though was writer and vocalist Mark Hollis a pioneer of the synth electro sound of that era. Through Talk Talk, It’s My Life, Today and Life’s What You Make It they carved out an alternative to the dance chasing Human League or Spandau Ballet, haircut bands like Duran Duran or Visage, pin up boys like Ultravox or A-ha and pop cults like Depeche Mode or Soft Cell. Natural History (EMI), out this week follows last years reissues but has all the hits on CD along with a DVD in one package while a companion CD Natural Order aims to sweep up the best of the rest. Supervised personally by Hollis these non commercial cuts vary from the gloriously indulgent outtake of After The Flood to the wildly experimental Taphead.

Desolation Yes are refreshingly new and a natural progression to synth pop with a harder rock edge. Now based in Glasgow the long awaited album Out Of Orbit (Desolate), will be out in March. Loud, percussive and fusing across boundaries this will surely be their breakthrough with national radio already noticing.