Coaltown Daisies’ search for the heroes

The Coaltown Daisies, Vivienne (l) and Lynzy (r).
The Coaltown Daisies, Vivienne (l) and Lynzy (r).

Fife band The Coaltown Daisies are releasing a new single in time for Christmas and half of the proceeds will go to a local charity.

The acoustic duo of Vivienne Bern and Lynzy Moutter are bringing out the song ‘Tiny Heroes’ tomorrow (Friday) on their own label Ragged Boot Records and hope to help raise money for the 16+ Activity Programme at the Cupar Arts Cafe, an organisation that the pair are close to.

Vivienne said ‘Tiny Heroes’ had been a year in the making.

“I wrote this song last December but by the time I had practiced it, it was January! So we decided to keep hold of it for this year.

“It started off as one topic but has ended up a bit more positive than the initial message that I had.

“It’s a sweet song about adults stealing the magic away from youngsters. They believe in something magical and we take it off them, so there’s a nice message behind it.”

Lynzy works with the Cupar Art Cafe through her job at Fife Council and says that 50 per cent of the sales from the downloads of ‘Tiny Heroes’ will go towards 16+.

“The Youth Cafe itself is a facility for young people which has loads of different projects in it, including 16+.” she said.

“It works with really vulnerable young people from all walks of life and the idea is to build up their confidence and self esteem and give them a whole range of skills so that they are able to work towards a career.

“We want to help them move on to college or training and employment, so they have a bit of time here to learn to do the things that we take for granted.

“That can be like social skills, talking to other people, going out and getting on a bus, things like that. It’s just expected that you would know how to do all these things but a lot of these kids actually don’t so we prep them with all the stuff that you wouldn’t get anywhere else

“My own role within it is that they kids are referred to me through the education department and I’ll then put them on to this programme.

‘‘I then work with the staff at 16+ to make sure they go through it and end up in a positive destination.”

Lynzy said that the message behind Vivienne’s song tied in with the work being carried out at 16+ and was a huge factor in them deciding to help the project.

“The reason we picked it is less to do with me working here and more to do with what the song is about,” she said, “it talks about children being heroes and while we’re here preparing these kids to be the best adults they can be, the magic is still there for them at the moment.”

Vivienne added: “The subject of the song and the artwork screams 16+ because that’s kind of the last chance they have to be kids so we thought we’d help them along.

“It’s quite a vulnerable project at the Youth Cafe, it doesn’t get a lot of funding so we thought we’d do our bit.”

As well as bringing out the new single the pair are already hard at work planning to release their second full length album next year, a follow up to 2015’s ‘This Old House’, which they will release in conjunction with Pledge Music.

“It seems to be quite successful way for other artists to release their albums so we’re going to go down that route,” Vivienne said.

“The songs are already written and it’s just a case of going into the studio and getting that recorded so we’re really excited about it. “It’s very Americana and Bluegrass and upbeat. So that’ll be out later in 2018.

“We’ll definitely tour it as well but we’ve both got day jobs so it’s not like we can just go away for a month, but we will tour it and we’ll try and get it over to America as well.

“It’s going to be a crazily busy year. We’ve had seven years of it and it never stops!”

‘Tiny Heroes’ is available from December 15 at For more information on the 16+ programme go to