Here We Go Love! The English Beat get ready to rock the Windsor

Dave Wakeling and the English Beat boys get ready to rock The Windsor.
Dave Wakeling and the English Beat boys get ready to rock The Windsor.

When the English Beat (known simply as the Beat in their native England) first burst on to the music scene in 1979, it was a time of massive social and political unrest.

This set the stage for a period of unbridled musical creativity. And thanks to the punk movement and its DIY approach to making music, artists like the Beat were able to speak their minds on the news of the day, things that mattered to them and youth culture using the best platform they had – the power of music.

The original band consisted of singer-songwriter Dave Wakeling, Andy Cox on guitar, David Steele on bass and Everett Morton on drums. Later, additions Ranking Roger and ska legend Saxa completed the outfit.

Dave has always viewed Ska as a springboard, not a straight jacket.

Indeed, the band’s sound continued to evolve over their first three studio albums and has continued its evolution with the forthcoming album, ‘Here We Go Love’, a PledgeMusic crowd-funded album set for release this month, the band’s first new album since 1982s Special Beat Service.

“I am the most excited anyone has ever been about our PledgeMusic campaign,” Dave said. “I have always enjoyed interacting with the band’s fans and this campaign provides us with a tremendous opportunity for even greater hijinks.

“The songs have been hand-picked from a cauldron of passion, cuddled for endless nights, then tested for connectibility in front of selected crowds, and are now ready to be fully revealed.”

He added: “A portion of pledges goes to Doctors without Borders, a wonderful group that brings comfort around the world, wherever needed.

“Compassion in the face of cruelty, courage in the face of fear – we are proud to stand with them.”

The English Beat play The Windsor Hotel, Kirkcaldy, on September 24.

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