Will Bros reunion tempt Kirkcaldy bass player back?

Bros album cover
Bros album cover

He’s one of Kirkcaldy’s bona fide music stars – but one who prefers to stay firmly out of the limelight.

But now Craig Logan may be tempted back to centre stage after Bros, the 1980s boy band in which he played bass, announced a reunion concert.

The group, fronted by the Goss brothers, Matt and Luke, are making a comeback 20 years on with a gig planned at the O2 in London in August 2017.

And the door has been opened to their bass player who hailed from the Lang Toun.

Craig grew up in Kirkcaldy - he lived in the Capshard area of the town.

Now aged 47 he has forged a hugely successful career in music and works with some of the biggest names in the business – Robbie Williams, Dido and Anastasia.

He has organised world tours for the likes of Tina Turner and the late Joe Cocker as well as working with Sony and EMI.

The Bros reunion was announced this week.

They made their breakthrough with the singles ‘When Will I Be Famous’ in 1987 and ‘I Owe You Nothing’ while their debut album enjoyed global sales estimated at over 10 million.

Their pop career was shortlived but successful, with Craig leaving the band in 1989 – the twins soldiered on until calling it a day in 1992.

Announcing the reunion gig, the duo said the door remained open to Craig who remains firmly connected to the music industry but very much behind the scenes.

The Press contacted Craig’s business but they did not want to make a comment.