Mystery driver saves the bride's big day

The father of a Kirkcaldy bride has issued a public thank you to the mystery motorist who saved his daughter's big day after a tyre blow out nearly derailed her wedding.

Thursday, 30th June 2016, 10:28 am
Updated Thursday, 25th August 2016, 7:29 pm
McLEAN INTERIORS - KIRKCALDY - FIFE Father of the bride Ian McLean wants to thank the good samaritan who stopped his car and offered him and his daughter a lift to the Wedding venue when the wedding car they were travelling in encountered a blow -out near Rosyth - credit - FPA -

Ian McLean and his daughter Jennifer thought they had been left stranded at the roadside after the Rolls Royce they were travelling to the wedding in suddenly screeched to a halt.

Already running late for one of the most momentous days of her life and with family, friends and an anxious groom - Kevin Russell - sitting several miles away oblivious to the unfolding crisis, the father and daughter feared the untimely breakdown would put the brakes on any chance of tying the knot.

That was until a good Samaritan stopped to offer a lift thus making sure Jennifer’s big day day was back on track.

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“We were already up against the clock but when the car suffered a blow out I really thought we were doomed,” Mr McLean said.

“Despite being all kilted up I thought I’d have to be rolling my sleeves up to try and help the chauffeur to get the car fixed, that is until a motorist stopped and miraculously asked us where we were going.”

Despite the dire situation and the clock still ticking, Mr McLean still found time to joke with the passing motorist that the wedding was in Aberdeen, but even that didn’t detour the kind hearted passer by.

“He just laughed, joked it was just as well he had a full tank of petrol, and told us to jump in.

“Thankfully the hotel was only about 20 minutes away and he drove us straight to the door.

“I can not tell you how relieved we both were to finally get to the wedding.”

“Having briefly shaking the driver’s hand and quickly brushing themselves down, the father and bride dashed into the hotel where the ceremony was being conducted.

“In all of the stress and confusion it was a minute or so after arriving that I thought I should invite the driver and his family to the reception as way of a thank you, but when I turned round he had already driven away,” Mr McLean explained.

“I just wish we could have thanked him properly for coming to our rescue.

“Maybe someone out there will know who he is, he certainly must be local to Fife as he got us from Rosyth, where we had broken down, to the hotel in Crossford without any bother whatsoever.”

The mystery motorist is described as being in his late forties or early fifties and was driving what was thought to be a Landrover Discovery.

“Thankfully all ended well and I’m sure the new Mr and Mrs Russell will laugh about it in years to come, and if we can say a thank you as well then even better,” he added.