Off The Rails becomes House of Adventure for Katy

Sweetie wasps by Katy McKidd Stevenson
Sweetie wasps by Katy McKidd Stevenson

An exhibition by north east Fife artist Katy McKidd Stevenson continues at Off The Rails Arthouse in Ladybank this weekend.

The exhibition, which launched last Friday, is the first solo show for Katy who lives in Foodieash and teaches art and design at Perth High School.

Katy explained her current display is called ‘House of Adventure - Work in Progress’, and features paintings and drawings as well as mixed media works.

The former Madras College pupil who is originally from Leuchars, said: “I have always loved drawing and painting the human face and figure, since I was very young and was heavily inspired by girls comics and book illustrations - I think there is a link from those illustrations right through to the dynamic poses of the figures falling through the sky.

“I am sure that being brought up in Leuchars has led to my inclusion of aeroplanes in these paintings too - the figures are often falling from them or being threatened by them. My fear of flying was the beginning of those ones, as I hadn’t flown till I was in my mid-thirties, and it made me imagine what it would be like to fall out on my first flight...”

She added: “My wasps’ nest theme was inspired by wasps invading a bird nesting box in my garden, then building bikes in the woodshed and wendy house, I am combining this idea with portraits of my daughters and son’s girlfriend to imagine what would happen if these three girls got invaded by wasps.”

She added: “I just love drawing and painting portraits, and have recently experimented with different sizes, some being almost five feet high, and have also used unusual surfaces such as old tins and drawers to create mixed media work.

The exhibition, which is free runs from 10am to 5pm tomorrow and Sunday.