Play focussed on mental health coming to Fife

Fisk, by award-winning theatre company Tortoise in a Nutshell, is on stage at the Byre Theatre on Tuesday, May 8.
Fisk, by award-winning theatre company Tortoise in a Nutshell, is on stage at the Byre Theatre on Tuesday, May 8.

A new beautifully made piece of visual theatre by award-winning Tortoise in a Nutshell, Fisk (fish) delves into how we manage struggles with our own mental health and how those around us become vital in balancing our brains.

The show – which is on at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, on Tuesday, May 8 – welcomes us into an immersive world at sea where an unusual relationship blossoms between a fisherman, who prepares himself to jump, and a fish that leaps on to his boat to discover what lies above.

Exploring themes of depression and dependence, this unlikely companionship helps the man to reconnect with his emotional self and re-identify as a social being.

Fisk explores the lengths we go to in order to escape from ourselves and seek joy in our lives.

Through realistic moments of compassion and the infectious joy depicted through the character of the fish, Fisk essentially offers hope to its audiences.

The company performing this show, Tortoise in a Nutshell, have toured extensively over 250 performances across 78 cities in 7 countries around the globe – they have taken shows to Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Mexico.

The company previously worked as Cumbernauld Theatre’s company in residence.

They have performed year in year out at the world’s largest arts festival – the Festival Fringe – in their home town of Edinburgh.

Ross MacKay , the company’s co-artistic director, said: “For Tortoise in a Nutshell, art and theatre is about crossing borders and breaking down boundaries.

“Theatre allows you to put yourselves into someone else’s world.

“It’s important then that we can take theatre across cultures and communities.

“We can share different experiences and outlook on the world.

“Collaboration allows us to draw on different experiences, different styles of making work and different political climates.

“International co-productions allow us to create richer and deeper theatre and find the universal experiences even in the smallest of stories and individual of experiences.”

Fisk is at the Byre Theatre, St Andrews, at 8pm.

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