Pooh is that on the Queensferry Crossing?

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Ahoy, me Hearties!

Me name’s ‘Pirate Pooh’, and I’m here scoutin’ around on behalf of me captain, the Pirate King and his crew.

Right now they’re aboard our ship, the Blin’ Craw, plundering the seas around our home port of Penzance.

However, word’s got around about us down there, so they’re heading up this way to take audiences by storm in the Adam Smith Theatre early next March.

I’m sniffin’ round for potential booty in these parts, and I’ve agreed to write a blog about my findings in and around Fife, having been adopted by Kirkcaldy Gilbert & Sullivan Society as their mascot – so here goes:

Sunday, September 3

Here I am on this wonderful Queensferry Crossing!

This really is an amazing bridge and it shows how cunning I am, that I managed to sneak on without a ticket, hitching a carry with a friend from the G&S!

I wonder if they close it every weekend for walkers? There are thousands of folk around, all having a good time and chatting away to each other.

Weather couldn’t be better, warm and not too breezy. It’ll be really impressive to drive across as a motorway: I see it’s even got a hard shoulder for breakdowns!

I’m going to ask the Pirate King to bring the Blin’ Craw up the Forth…I can see some islands for shelter and I think there could be rich pickings around here.

I hear that The Queen is coming here on Monday for the official opening, and maybe the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall will be around…..I need to lie low in case they recognise me from the ‘Wanted’ posters in Penzance!!


You can follow my travels every couple of weeks, so keep an eye out for me!!