Review: Kylie Minogue, Edinburgh Castle - perfect setting for perfect show

Pic Lisa Ferguson
Pic Lisa Ferguson

Edinburgh Castle esplanade was emptying when Kylie Minogue met her dancers off-stage behind the big screens.

From our seats high up on the right hand side we watched as they did a Highland jig before departing to their tour bus.

Pic Lisa Ferguson

Pic Lisa Ferguson

It was a moment primarily for them - adrenalin still buzzing - but witnessed by fans waiting to make the long climb back down to earth after a truly smashing gig. A glimpse of just how much they too enjoyed this gig.

On the most gorgeous of Scottish summer nights, Minogue brought her Glastonbury show to the capital, and served up a night that will, in all honesty, be hard to top for sheer entertainment.

The warmth between the singer and her audience was clear from the very start.

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They came to hear her hits. That’s exactly what they got.

But they also shared Minogue’s evident enjoyment on the whole evening - from the setting to the sound.

This was a show which could easily fit into a residency in Vegas, but it had a smashing heart to it. No-one, from musicians to dancers to the star, dialled it in.

It was gloriously slick and stylish as it matched the eighties’ hits with the classics from the noughties.

From Love At First Sight right through, the Minogue songbook was brought to stage with class and elegance - the set pieces with the dancers formed part of the story of each song and dovetailed perfectly with the costume changes.

The cheesy ‘Especially For You’ became a wedding scene, while the Locomotion was turned into an irrepressible, fun song and dance number that swept everyone along.

And at the heart of it was a performer who knows how to deliver a show that makes for a truly smashing night out.

A perfect setting for a perfect show.