Review: Stewart Francis, Rothes Halls, Glenrothes

Stewart Francis
Stewart Francis

“Stevie Wonder bumped into me at the Grammys. I was completely blind sided”.

For an hour plus comedian Stewart Francis delivers one liner after on liner all delivered in his calm, deadpan voice which makes each line seem even funnier than its predecessor.

After 30 years he has decided to retire from comedy but is determined to go out at the top of his game before wandering ‘Into The Punset’ to try his hand at acting.

The problem with reviewing a show like this when pun after pun are thrown at you is trying to remember what he actually said afterwards, particularly when you spend the whole show laughing and barely have time to take break before the next joke arrives.

It wasn’t all just one liners though, there were a few recurring themes. The number 17 kept appearing signifying how many parents and relatives he has and there was an excellent running gag involving Sir Trevor McDonald.

The Canadian has lived in the UK for the past 13 years and says how much he loves Scotland, particularly as we have a song that says you can’t shove your Granny off a bus – “everywhere else that’s a given”.

It will be a shame if Francis is lost to comedy forever. There are other brilliant one line comedians of course, but Francis has a way with words that is utterly unique.

Now, does anybody know any Stewart Francis jokes?