Review: T. Rextasy at the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline

T Rextasy lead singer Danielz
T Rextasy lead singer Danielz

Just days after the anniversary of Marc Bolan’s death at the age of just 29 and with a T. Rex best of in the top 10 of the album charts, there was no better time to go and see the band that brilliantly keeps his flame alive.

T. Rextasy, under the leadership, of singer Danielz, have been playing Bolan’s music since 1992 but with the gusto with which they attack his music throughout a two hour romp through Bolan’s superb back catalogue, you’d never guess it’s been so long.

There’s a plethora of hits to choose from, but the band are happy to delve a bit deeper than that, opening the gig with b-side ‘Raw Ramp’, followed by ‘Electric Boogie’ a rare song which wasn’t even released during Bolan’s lifetime.

There’s a sprinkling of huge T. Rex hits such as 1972’s no.1 ‘Telegram Sam’ alongside the more obscure – the aforementioned’s b-side ‘Cadillac’ – among the first part of the set.

An acoustic section follows, including a delightful take on 1975’s ‘Dreamy Lady’, showing off the true power of Danielz’s voice which is nothing less than stunning, before the guitars are strapped back on.

You can never predict when an audience will finally throw off its inhibitions and leap to its feet - tonight it was a full-on rocking version of ‘One Inch Rock’ - originally a Tyrannosaurus Rex acoustic number about being shrunk by a witch - that did it. Who’d have thought it?

There’s a short break and costume change before the band take to the stage for the last part of the evening where they unleash the big hitters - ‘Get It On’ and ‘I Love To Boogie’ among them – ending with an encore of ‘Hot Love’ which inspires a mass crowd sing along.

As the last song finishes you’re struck by how many magnificent songs one man wrote in such a short space of time, and T. Rextasy carry on his legacy with evident passion.

This is no show, this was a proper rock n’ roll gig and wonderful tribute to one of the greatest pop stars and songwriters of all.