St Andrews’ Byre Theatre to host TEDx talk

A TEDx event takes place in St Andews
A TEDx event takes place in St Andews

The team behind a revolutionary tool which could save the sight of millions are to give a presentation in St Andrews this weekend.

Arclight is a handheld solar-powered diagnostic tool, which can diagnose early signs of treatable blindness and deafness.

Dr Martin Anderson, an ophthalmologist and honorary research fellow with the Global Health Team at the University of St Andrews,will be delivering a TEDx presentation at the Byre Theatre on Sunday, talking about what inspired the Arclight and how it was developed.

Evaluation and implantation of the low-cost device has been led by the University of St Andrews.

The talk is part of the sixth TEDx event organised by students at the University of St Andrews, with this year’s theme being “think again”.

Kate Woodward, one of the students on the committee which organises the speeches, said: “We have fascinating speakers from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, all with the aim of encouraging a new approach to life and inviting the audience to see things from a different perspective, questioning how we view the world today.

“We are very excited about the quality of inspirational speaker we have for this year’s event and look forward to welcoming our audience on Sunday.”

Other speakers include a former British soldier who served in Iraq; a member of the Darktrace, an Artificial Intelligence Cyber Security firm; and a senior correspondent for BBC’s Panorama.