Step inside Kirkcaldy’s Circus of Dreams...and Nightmares!

Amby Stanyer-Hunter
Amby Stanyer-Hunter

Roll up, roll up – a circus is coming to town, only this time it could be the stuff of nightmares.

The burlesque students at Kirkcaldy dance studio Pole O Rama, along with Decadance, will perform the ‘Circus of Dreams and Nightmares’ at the Merry Poppins Centre on the town’s Pentland Place.

Studio owner Amby Stanyer-Hunter says the show is unique for the studio.

“It’s got lots of new and different things that we’ve never tried before,” he said, “we’ve got black out dances and different types of lighting.

“We also have a new piece of equipment that I designed myself. It’s the first aerial equipment of its type to ever be seen anywhere.

“The first thing I ever did after leaving school was work as a furniture designer. I wanted something different for this show so I created this myself.

“I haven’t actually used it yet so I’ll be spending this week practising on it!”

The show on Saturday will feature more group dances than they have ever attempted in the past.

“Because it’s a circus-based show there’s a lot more aerial stuff than we would usually have,” Amby says.

“The seating is going to be laid out circus-style as well so the audience will be in the performance space, it’s not just going to be like a stage.

“We’re trying to emulate the feel of a real circus I’m more excited about this show than I have been for quite a long time just because it is a little bit different.”

The show comes in the middle of a hectic period for Amby, who performs as well as working as an instructor and the show’s choreographer.

“I performed again at the Fringe this year; I’m performing at the opening of a new tattoo studio in Dunfermline, and on the Friday and Sunday either side of Circus of Dreams, I’m performing in Edinburgh. I’m all over the place!

“The morning after the show I’ll be at a contemporary dance course. I think that if the instructor isn’t try to push themselves then the students aren’t going to either.”

He says the show, his most ambitious to date, has a different atmosphere to past productions: “We normally have a group dance at the beginning and the end of each section, four in total, but this time there’s 10.

“It’s about trying to change and improve and make it a bit more interactive, try new things and make it better.”

The show begins at 8pm and those attending can BYOB. Tickets are £10 from the Pole O Rama studio in the Olympia Arcade or from Print It Stitch It on the High Street.