Stripped back with no band for Withered Hand

Dan Wilson of Withered Hand (photo � Laura Lewis)
Dan Wilson of Withered Hand (photo � Laura Lewis)

The first of James Yorkston’s ‘Tae Sup Wi’ A Fifer’ nights for 2018 takes place at the Adam Smith Theatre tomorrow night (Friday).

On the bill are writer and broadcaster Ian McMillan and folk singer Grace Petrie who will be joined by alt-folk singer Dan Wilson AKA Withered Hand.

Wilson, who himself has attended ‘Tae Sup...’ in the past as an audience member, has released two hugely acclaimed albums since 2009 and says he’s now working on a third, albeit slowly.

“I’ve been playing a fair amount of gigs, mostly solo ones, and yeah, it’s been a while since the last album (2014’s ‘New Gods’).

“I’m not prolific at all. In fact my songs tend to come in fits and starts.

“If I don’t have anything to say, I usually don’t say anything which is a problem when it comes to writing songs.

“From the bits and bobs we’ve been doing with the band, they certainly think there’s enough there for a third album, but then comes the problem of how you fund it and get it out there.”

Wilson says that there is a possibility of a new song or two being added to his set list for tomorrow night’s show.

“It’s a lovely theatre. I’m playing on my own, just a stripped back set.

“Hopefully it will feel fairly intimate – it usually does!

“There may be a cover tucked in there and there’s some that I wrote about a year ago and I’ve aired one or two of those so maybe I’ll do that too.

“It takes something different to do a solo show rather than going on with the band I think.

“It’s like wearing two different hats and I find them challenging actually, but I like the challenge.

“I think that’s why I started writing songs and playing them in the first place. I’m not a naturally extroverted person but I’ve found a way of channelling myself into it.

But I like that,” he adds,”you stand or fall when you’re on your own.”