T. Rextasy bringing the Bolan boogie to life on stage in Fife

T. Rextasy lead singer Danielz on stage with the band
T. Rextasy lead singer Danielz on stage with the band

Less of an interview, more two Marc Bolan obsessives nerding out on T. Rex for half an hour.

The reason for this Bolan blow out is lead singer Danielz bringing his tribute band T. Rextasy to Dunfermline to play at the Alhambra Theatre on September 22.

“The great thing about Scottish audiences for me is; if they like you they’re incredibly loyal,” he said, “and if they don’t like you, you’ll soon know about it!

“For some reason we’ve had that loyalty since the 1990s so I love coming up to Scotland.”

Danielz put the band together in 1992 having been entranced with T. Rex since he first heard them as a child, and says he’s still as much in love with Bolan’s music as he ever was.

“Decades down the line I’m still as enthralled with T. Rex as I was when I was 13-14,” he says.

“The first time I saw T. Rex live was on the 1st of February 1972, with Status Quo supporting, and Marc was completely different to anything that was around at that time and at that age we wanted something that belonged to us

“If it wasn’t for Marc Bolan I don’t think I would have bothered to learn to play the guitar. When I got my first electric guitar it was because I wanted to learn T. Rex songs from albums like ‘Electric Warrior’ or ‘The Slider’ and to play like Marc.

“So I grew up and played in original bands for a few years, played the pubs, played the clubs, then I thought I’m fed up with all this.

“Marc Bolan had never left me so I thought I’d put together a band and play the songs that I’d grown up loving.”

And since 1992 that’s exactly what he done: “What we try and do is replicate T. Rex live,” he says.

“As a live band they were a real glam rock, raunchy, loud, feelgood band. Every gig was lively and happy.

“What I like to do is get everyone involved. So if someone shouts out a song, it might not be in the set, but I’ll sing a couple of lines to that person.

“I think that kind of brings the audience and band together as a one, rather than them and us. It’s a rock n’ roll gig, rather than a show.”

“In the first half we’ll play songs for the casual fans, some album tracks for the diehards and we also do a mini acoustic set.

“Then we come back on and it’s an hour of big hits.”

He added: “We’ve been to the Alhambra before. It’s a great theatre and I hope everyone comes along.”

• T. Rextasy play the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline on Saturday, September 22.