T.Rextasy pay tribute to Marc Bolan’s music at Fife gig

Tribute band Trextasy
Tribute band Trextasy

Marc Bolan’s star shone brightly, but also briefly.

A career which launched in 1971 was all but done within two years, and 42 years have lapsed since he was killed in a car crash.

But his music, and the glam rock era he inspired, still resonate.

Tribute band T.Rextasy celebrate his life and times when they hit the stage at Rothes Halls, Glenrothes, on Thursday, November 5.

Billed as the world’s only official live tribute band dedicated to Marc Bolan and T.Rex, and the only one endorsed and approved by his family’s estate – as well as original ex-members of T.Rex – they’ve been playing his music for the past 25 years.

Band leader, Danielz, saw Bolan play live during those pioneering days in the early 1970s, and again around the time of his comeback in ‘77.

“Marc’s concerts were crazy – fans screaming and dancing, singing and shouting,” he said. “They most certainly were not a serene affair. I try and re-create at least an atmosphere of those times, albeit at some venues times have changed and acting in that way is frowned upon!”

Bolan is often cited as the man whose glitter inspired the glam rock era.

His Electric Warrior album was a huge hit, and singles such as Get It On, and Ride A White Swan made their mark in the charts.

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They were followed by Jeepster and Telegram Sam in 1972, but within 12 months his star was waning.

It took a Granada TV series in 1977 to propel Bolan back into the limelight.

It featured guest bands galore and went out in the late afternoon slot which was the domain of after-school shows such as Blue Peter and Magpie. It was a huge hit.

Recreating the buzz from those golden days is what T.Rextasy aim to do.

“I absolutely love playing the songs of T.Rex,” said Danielz. “It’s the actual buzz one gets of going on stage and giving the audience a live experience. Fans are coming to have a good time, and when I see people smiling and doing just that it makes it really worthwhile. I also love plugging my Gibson Les Paul into that amp and giving it some. There’s nothing like it!

“I don’t mind if fans call out for a song, as I usually oblige them by singing a couple of verses to them if it’s a track that’s not in the actual set. A bit of heckling doesn’t go amiss either, as one-to-one contact with the crowd gives the evening an extra special kick!”

Metal Guru remains his own all-time favourite Bolan track, while highlights from the past quarter of a century perfoming his music are many.

“Playing Wembley Arena – we did that three times over the years, and as it was Marc’s biggest gig in the UK, it was a double-whammy for me to play there too.

“Obtaining a major record deal with Columbia Records, and releasing a couple of albums in Japan, which in turn, enabled us to tour out there twice, and on the second tour meeting up and chatting with David Bowie.

“Obtaining a publishing deal to write my autobiography and my life with T.Rextasy – I think I was the first guy in a tribute band to be approached by a publishing company to write about my life, which I was nicely pleased about.”

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