Comedian Ed Byrne heads to Glenrothes

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Stand-up comic Ed Byrne is bringing his most personal show yet to Glenrothes as part of his Outside, Looking In tour.

The Mock the Week star will play the Rothes Hall on April 27.

“It is my most personal show to date. People come to see me for a laugh and I would like to think they go away thinking the show is quite heartwarming,” the Irish comedian said.

“I called it Outside, Looking In, because comics, in a way, don’t live a life but rather are more of an observer.”

He talks about fatherhood and maturing, but the show doesn’t entirely focus on his personal life, as some social commentary and politics make an appearance.

And he added that while anyone is welcome to disagree with his views, ‘Ukip voters are not likely to enjoy it’.

“A lot of comics may talk about the same stuff, but what makes it mine is that I’m saying what I genuinely think on a subject, and I try to make it as funny as I can.”

One of the ‘sensitive subjects’ he broaches is transgenderism.

“It became such a big subject because of Caitlyn Jenner and some twitter trolls were refusing to acknowledge her as anything but Bruce.

“I thought it was interesting that it still divides people - I call it the thorniest issue since Jesus was fitted for a hat.”

On how his comedy has matured through his 20 year career he said: “I used to do a joke about hating kids just to get a laugh, but I wouldn’t do that today.

“I only do jokes and say what it is I actually believe now.”

He has already gigged in Fife as part of the tour that started in September at the Dunfermline Alhambra Theatre in February.

Being on tour has left him a ‘shell of a man’, but when it wraps up there will be more Mock the Week to film as well as a new travel show on the BBC with fellow comedian and friend Dara O’Brien.

The 44-year-old added: “Apart from the travel, which no comic likes, I love touring, because you have people responding to something that you have written alone in your office, and the work comes alive in a room of people. I like the television things I do, but nothing can beat a live comedy audience.”

Ed said that he will try to do some Munro bagging - the feat of climbing as many mountains over 3000ft as possible - while in Scotland.