Music: John Murray on the return of Kirk Brandon

While the sounds will ensure immortality our music stars still mature and look their age.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 12:10 pm
Updated Friday, 16th March 2018, 1:13 pm
John Murray, Fife Free Press music columnist
John Murray, Fife Free Press music columnist

Some of the 1980s stars are unrecognisable these days and some have not changed a bit. Anyone see Gary Numan this week as he celebrated his 60th birthday?

His friends are electric it seems as he hasn’t changed a bit. Kirk Brandon too has been fronting Spear Of Destiny for 35 years and looking good on it.

They got together in 1983 after Theatre Of Hate broke up and today with former members of The Cult, New Model Army, Righteous Mind and Sisters Of Mercy along with long term keyboard player Steve Allan-Jones they are touring this year with a new album entitled Tontine.

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This is their 14th album and due out next month. Still as menacing as ever Brandon demands attention immediately with the first track Brighton.

Mr Livingstone I Presume is equally as relevant as any of their past catalogue and has a sweet melodic finish while Medievalists is a guitar fuelled rocker that works so well.

The tour will celebrate the 35th anniversary of the first album Grapes Of Wrath so we can expect some career highlights throughout the show. Songs like Liberator, Rainmaker, The Wheel and Mickey all spring to mind from the old days as does new fan favourites like Sputnik, Judas or Suicide God.

Only two Scottish dates so take note May 20 they play PJ Molloy’s in Dunfermline.