Outlaw King is a knight to remember for Buckhaven man

A Buckhaven man has made his big screen debut alongside Hollywood star Chris Pine in the new film, Outlaw King.

Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 12:01 pm
Updated Wednesday, 21st November 2018, 1:09 pm
Roy Macgregor as a Scottish foot soldier in Outlaw King.

The Netflix movie follows Robert the Bruce after he is forced into exile by the English, as he leads a band of outlaws in an attempt to help him reclaim the throne.

And among the Scottish warriors fighting for Robert the Bruce, played by Pine, is Roy Macgregor.

Roy (31), a bakery operator at Stuarts, actually has two roles in the film – the first as Henry de Bohun, an English knight, and then as a Scottish foot soldier in the climatic battle scene.

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In his first scene, as Henry, Roy gets knighted by Edward I.

“It was unreal,” said Roy, speaking of his experience on the film.

“You don’t realise how much work goes into creating a film. The scene getting knighted was filmed again and again.

“The film is fantastic. I love it, my family loves it.

“The kids watched it at the weekend and they loved it.

“The finished product is great. Well worth the wait.”

Roy auditioned for a role after his wife noticed an advert in the Daily Record appealing for men with facial hair to try out for the film.

After his success in the auditions, he filmed his scenes in November 2017. One 20 second scene took more than three hours to capture.

While this was just a “one-off” for Roy, he did admit he would be open to more opportunities in the future.