MasterChef’s Cupar cook through to next round

Brodie Willliam (27), originally from Cupar, is bidding to become MasterChef 2017.
Brodie Willliam (27), originally from Cupar, is bidding to become MasterChef 2017.

A budding Cupar chef cruised through to the next round of 2017 MasterChef last night.

Brodie Williams (27) was one of 14 cooks tasked with creating a dish within an hour and a half inspired by a family favourite or a food from their childhood.

Brodie secured his place in the final 12 with his roast partridge, haggis scotch egg, parsnip, sweet potato and beetroot chips, baby gem lettuce, and bramble and port sauce.

Both judges, Gregg Wallace and John Torode, complimented the scotch egg, with John adding: “The flavour of the partridge is fantastic. I believe the brambles should be picked more, though.”

Gregg simply described the meal as “a lovely dish”.

The result puts Brodie through to the next stage of Knockout Week.

If he survives the challenges on Wednesday and Friday he will be through to the semi-final round as one of the remaining nine.

Speaking after last night’s episode, Brodie described the feeling of cooking on the show as “relentless”.

“When they say you have an hour and a half, that’s you have,” Brodie explained. “Once they stop you, if it’s not on the plate, it’s not going to be on the plate.

“When you are cooking you are in your own world, trying to get things done. You’re trying to push yourself further with every meal that you cook.”

And with the cameras on and the attention of millions of MasterChef fans focused on the budding chefs, Brodie says that keeping calm under pressure is just as important as your cooking skills.

He said: “Some very good cooks go home because they crack under the pressure. Some start making uncharacteristic mistakes.

“But the longer you are in the competition, the more you understand how it all works. After a few rounds you start to feel more comfortable.”

Once the cooking is complete, the most nerve-wracking part of the show begins.

The participants must stand in front of the judges and wait for their reviews, wondering whether or not they have a good chance of reaching the next round.

Brodie described the feeling of getting praise from John and Gregg as “amazing”.

“As you can see on many of the recent episodes, when I’m getting feedback I look really bashful,” he said.

“You are standing in front of them at the table and they are eating your food and there’s a lull while they are eating.

“And you don’t know how it will go.

“And when they say they love it, it’s a massive relief and release of emotions and that’s why you see people getting emotional when getting feedback.

“You are so stressed and there’s so much pent up emotion, so that praise is such a great feeling.”

The next episode of MasterChef will be on BBC One on Wednesday at 8pm.

You can follow Brodie on social media on his Instagram page on @brodiecooks.