Wedding booking prompts spat between Council and Fife festival organisers

Last year's event was another big success. Pic: George McLuskie
Last year's event was another big success. Pic: George McLuskie

Crail Festival’s boss has slammed Fife Council for “corporate failure” after the local authority double-booked a wedding at a key venue.

The long-running festival, which is held in the last fortnight of July every year, traditionally books its ‘wow factor’ at Crail Community Hall.

But much to their “surprise, annoyance and disappointment” organisers discovered a wedding reception had been booked to take place at the hall on the last day of the festival – and the couple won’t budge.

Ian Mooney, chairman, said: “What has disappointed us is that no one senior has had the courtesy or taken the corporate responsibility to apologise and try to redress the error.

“It is the sheer failing of corporate responsibility that upsets me.”

According to festival committee member Ronald Sandford, Fife Council agreed to offer the couple concerned an alternative venue but this option was rejected and the booking in Crail stands.

He added: “This setback should have been avoided but there has been lack of concern and contrition.

“The lower levels within Fife Council have not been very sympathetic or proactive ; and an apology from the higher echelons is awaited.”

Gary Daniell, community resources team leader, said: “The festival organisers have had a longstanding unofficial agreement with the council to have the hall over a set weekend.

“Unfortunately, another booking was taken by someone last year who was unaware of this arrangement.

“We apologise for this but do have a contractual obligation to proceed with the wedding booking and hope to try and accommodate the Crail Festival another weekend if it is feasible for them.”

The 33rd Crail Festival next year will take place from July 19-29,