Parent calls for action over parking problem at Fife high school

Parking problems at Levenmouth AcademyParking problems at Levenmouth Academy
Parking problems at Levenmouth Academy
A Kennoway parent is calling for action to ensure drivers stop snatching disabled parking spots at Levenmouth Academy.

James Thomson Walters (35) claims he has to be at the school at 3pm to ensure he can guarantee a disabled parking space to pick up his child.

He says the parking situation at the school between 3-3.30pm has become so bad that he has seen arguments breaking out among the drivers.

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Headteacher Ronnie Ross says that despite efforts being made to improve the traffic situation, “inconsiderate parking remains an issue here”.

James is urging the school to enforce the rules and employ a traffic warden.

“It’s really bad,” he said. “It wouldn’t be bad if you could park on the main road, but now there are yellow lines there.

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“It’s a free-for-all. You’re getting taxi drivers pushing into spaces. People without a badge parking in the disabled spots.

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“It’s getting beyond a joke. There’s been loads of arguments.

“If I don’t go there for 3pm I’m not guaranteed a space. I’m going half an hour early and waiting, because if you don’t you’ll get stuck in a queue.

“It’s causing obstructions.”

Mr Ross is urging drivers to park responsibly when at the school.

He said: “Users of our school car park have been reminded on various occasions that disabled bays are for Blue Badge holders only and we ask anyone bringing a car to the school to use the parking bays provided at the rear of the school.

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“We urge parents, carers, staff and pupils to avoid driving to school wherever possible and promote active travel instead.

“We encourage our pupils to walk or cycle to school where possible to help instill in them some lifelong skills and behaviours which will improve not only their health but our wider environment too.

“Where driving is unavoidable, we urge drivers to park and drive responsibly around the school, with consideration for others.”