Student blackmailed over photos on Fife College computer

David  Drynan used the computer at Fife College's St Brycedale campus
David Drynan used the computer at Fife College's St Brycedale campus

A student became the victim of internet blackmail over private photos found on a college computer used by her.

Another student David Drynan went on to the same computer and found the personal images on the woman’s Facebook page.

Sleazy Drynan then created a fake profile and began making threats to post the photos to the public if she did not send him more naked images.

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When she refused to do so, Drynan went ahead and posted the photos which had originally been sent in a private message to her boyfriend.

The creep was booted off his college course and yesterday found himself in the dock at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

His spineless claims that he was trying to help the victim were dismissed by a sheriff.

Drynan (29) of Rosabelle Street, Kirkcaldy, admitted that on June 7 at Fife College, St Brycedale Avenue, Kirkcaldy, he behaved in a threatening or abusive manner by making threats to a woman that unless she sent him intimate images of herself, he would post other images of her on the internet and send them to her employer.

He also admitted that on June 8 he posted images of the woman on the internet intending to cause her fear, alarm or distress.

Depute fiscal Sarah Lumsden said the victim and Drynan were both students at the college at the time but did not know each other.

The female had been using a college computer and at one point had logged into Facebook.

Later that day, Drynan used the same device and found it was still logged into the victim’s Facebook page.

The woman then began receiving messages from Drynan who was using a false profile, ‘John Smith Tee Hee Hee’.

He sent her an initial message saying “Looking good girl” and “send more boob pics”. If she did not, he would post the images he had already found, he warned.

The victim was able to track down the IP address to Fife College and investigations began.

The following day more messages were received from the fake profile including: “Six and a half hours to go. Better get those boob pics sent.”

He also stated it would a “shame” if the images were sent to her employers.

Another message said: “Last chance” and that if she did not send nude images he would post the other ones.

When he did not receive the photos he demanded, Drynan went ahead and posted the original images on-line.

When police inquiries led to his arrest, Drynan commented: “I have no words” and said he did not know anyone of the victim’s name.

Defence solicitor Amy Farmer said her client had been removed from the college course as a result of these offences.

The solicitor claimed Drynan’s plan had been to show the woman she had been “reckless” by leaving the computer logged into her social media.

“The intention had been to warn her about these images getting into the wrong hands,” said Ms Farmer.

“At no stage had he meant for images to be sent to him. He was looking for a response and didn’t get it.”

Sheriff Charles MacNair interrupted saying: “That makes no possible sense.”

The sheriff called for reports and Drynan will be sentenced on May 31. Bail was continued.

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