Thieves break into home to steal two cars and motorbikes

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Thieves have broken into the home of a Fife family and stolen two cars and two motorbikes in a late-night raid.

The incident, which took place overnight on May 30-31, has left the owners feeling sickened upon learning that the intruders had been in their home while they slept.

The vehicles stolen were an Audi A3, and Audi S3, and two off-road motorbikes from a home at Greystone Park in Glenrothes.

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Connie Scott has appealed the public to help find the vehicles, and says the family have been left feeling uncomfortable in their own home.

Connie (19) whose car was stolen along with her brother’s, said the cars were later seen at 4.30am at the Queensferry Crossing on Friday morning.

However, since then there ha been no sighting.

Connie said: “It’s been between 11.30pm and 4.30am, but they think it’s been around 3.30am.

“There were four of us asleep in our beds at the time and we didn’t hear a thing.”

She added that her mum’s initial thought had been that something had happened to her.

“At 5.30am my mum woke up and walked through to the kitchen and realised that the window on the conservatory was wide open.

“She went to shut it and realised it was broken, and looked out and my work bag was outside, they’d obviously been hoping there were keys in it.

“My mum thought something had happened to me, and my car wasn’t there. She ran upstairs and she was shocked to find me there in bed.

“Then it clicked and she went downstairs to find doors open and all the keys were gone. My brother’s car was gone and the motorbikes too.”

Connie said the worst part was knowing the thieves had been in her home.

She said: “It makes you feel sick. They can take the cars or whatever, but the fact that they were in our house when we were asleep upstairs, it just makes you feel so uneasy in your own house, it’s horrible.

“You’re so overly-conscious about everything now, and every little noise. You just think twice about everything, because you didn’t hear it that night.

“It’s definitely been a well-planned thing. They’ve used a crowbar or something to break the lock on a window to first get in and then opened the patio door. They’ve also broken the lock on a door to the garage.”

Connie urges anyone who has seen the cars or motorbikes to get in touch with police as soon as possible.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We received a report of two cars and two motorbikes being stolen from an address in Greystone Park, Glenrothes around 6am on Friday, May 31.

“A white Audi A3 with the registration SP14 XTD and a blue Audi S3, registration F20MUR, were stolen. The two bikes are described as orange KTM Motocross bikes.

“If anyone has any information or has seen these vehicles, please contact us on 101 quoting incident number 0451 of May 31 2019.”

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