Kirkcaldy librarian finds heartwarming note inside library book

Susan Ness in the library at Kirkcaldy GalleriesSusan Ness in the library at Kirkcaldy Galleries
Susan Ness in the library at Kirkcaldy Galleries
When Susan Ness went to her work as a part-time librarian at Kirkcaldy Galleries it was just like any other day.

But her day was cheered up immeasurably while sorting out a book display when she came upon an anonymous letter hidden within the covers of one of the books.

It was written by a woman who had just celebrated her 60th birthday who said she had been set a “bucket list” of things to do throughout the year.

One of these things was to put a note in a library book.

The anonymous letterThe anonymous letter
The anonymous letter

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The lady also included a £10 note with her letter, urging the finder to put it to good use and use it to do an act of kindness for another person.

Susan (44), who has worked with Kirkcaldy Galleries for three years, after 10 years as an usher at the Adam Smith Theatre, said: “I was just arranging the books as we do after the library closes between 4 and 5pm and I was flicking through a JK Rowling book when I found an envelope which wasn’t addressed to anyone.

“I opened it and read the note and then called my colleagues across to see it.

“I instantly pictured in my mind what this lady was like and thought how sweet it was of her to write the note.

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“I pictured her coming into the library and hiding the book on the shelf.”

The letter read:

“Dear friend – I am now in my 60th year and I was given a list of things to do during the year. One of them is to put a note in a library book.

“I am a Kirkcaldy girl but who now lives in Dunfermline and I must say I have been very lucky in life. I have a wonderful family and have just retired from a job I enjoyed.

“I hope whoever reads this has been as lucky as me.

“Please do some act of kindness with the money in the envelope and brighten up your day.”

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Susan, who at the time was a week into a challenge of going for four weeks drinking nothing but water in support of the charity WaterAid, decided to add the £10 to her fundraising total, which reached £430.

And she added a message to the Kirkcaldy Galleries Facebook page to the anonymous lady, which read: “Please share, so hopefully the lovely lady who wrote this letter might see.

“I feel very privileged to have discovered such a sweet note and I have put the £10 towards my Water Aid fundraising. Thank you mystery lady.”

The mum of two added: “I am happy that I was doing that particular job on that particular day and found that particular book as it could have been anyone who came across it.

“It really brightened up my day and my colleagues.

“Nothing like this has happened to me before and I hope the lady who wrote it gets my message and gets to know the result of her kind gesture.”

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