Column: Boris Johnson’s partygate fine shows he made fools of us all

Any politician with a shred of decency or dignity would have cleared their desk by now and made a resignation speech on the steps of 10 Downing Street.

Wednesday, 13th April 2022, 3:36 pm

Boris Johnson has neither quality.

He denies, he he evades, he plays the grinning idiot card, he wriggles to find safer ground, and blusters his way through each and every grilling as if this was all just a game.

He is a squalid figure of a man and politician - the UK's first serving Prime Minister to be sanctioned for breaking the law, and one utterly unfit for public office.

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Boris Johnson (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

But the Tories knew that when they anointed him as leader.

This week the same spineless backbenchers will be sent out once more to defend the indefensible as they try to justify how he can continue in the wake of this week’s fines for breaking the very lockdown laws he himself signed off.

MPs you have never heard of - and probably never will again - will stick to the pre-written script, and suffer the public humiliation if it means saving a leader without the first comprehension of what it means to lead in a time of crisis.

Johnson isn’t worth taking a bullet for.

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The fact he was fined for breaking the rules came as no surprise at all.

His excuses were pathetic. He danced on a pin head to avoid doing the right thing. Now he has nowhere to go - except out.

His presence mocks all who abided by the rules. He makes idiots of us all.

We couldn’t see loved ones in care homes, or be there in their final moments to hold their hands.

We couldn’t attend funerals, and, if we did, we had to sit in isolation from everyone.

Meanwhile, he and his odious, self-centred cronies gathered in number to enjoy the same warm sunshine which we soaked up without company.

And when they were found out, they snorted with derision and issued the lamest of excuses.

His gatherings were “technically within the rules.” They were not.

He believed “implicitly” the cheese and wine bashes in the garden were work events. They weren’t. Don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a ‘bring your own booze’ memo to a work meeting.

He stressed the guidance was followed completely when it was conveniently ignored.

A surprise birthday party thrown by his wife was swatted away as a brief ten minute thing - missing the point that such gatherings were simply not allowed.

Johnson’s defence has been to play the oaf.

The fines issued by the Met Police - to the PM, his wife and his Chancellor Rishi Sunak should change everything.

The two politicians should resign immediately.

If Sunak had a spine he would go first, of his own accord, and and leave Johnson dangling to see what he does next, but instead, his apologists will be surface, and Rees Mogg will be wheeled out to sneer at everyone with some pithy comment.

They don’t get the anger sparked by their woeful conduct.

Real, raw anger for taking us all for mugs.

For God’s sake go, and go now.

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