Town centre support vital after lockdown

Businesses re-open from Monday 26thBusinesses re-open from Monday 26th
Businesses re-open from Monday 26th
Comment: Post lockdown, it’s time to love our town centre again.

Monday marks the single biggest step back to normality as lockdown restrictions are lifted and we can socialise, shop and travel once more.

It’s also a defining moment.

If lockdown had any upside whatsoever, it was surely to remind us that life is local.

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So, as doors re-open to shops and cafes, restaurants and bars, libraries, museums, and sports centres, we need to support them all.

Our town sustained and nurtured us throughout lockdown as we explored its hidden places, discovered new walks and cycle paths and spent more time in its parks since our childhood.

Many of us learned to appreciate what we had on our doorstep.

Now we need to re-discover what our town centres have to offer - and there is much to see.

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Is there a more vibrant High Street than in Burntisland where traders have worked together to forge a remarkable spirit, and work for the good of each other?

And in Kirkcaldy independent traders have moved to the forefront, while the Lang Toun’s cafe culture has exploded in recent years.

Each business offers something different as well as a place to meet.

Their collective belief in the town centre has to be matched by our support for them – now more than ever.

Lockdown left so many of our businesses in limbo.

They need our support just as we need them to thrive.

Let us shop local.

Let us eat locally.

Let us socialise locally.

Let us explore locally.

Let us learn to love our town centres all over again.

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